Buy To Let Calculator

Buy to Let Calculator

Contractors can now buy or remortgage buy to let property with as little as a 15% deposit. How much you are able to borrow will depend on the estimated profitability of the property. If you know the monthly rent you will charge, or have an idea, the calculation will give you a guideline amount of how much a bank, or building society, may be willing to lend to you. 

It goes without saying that some lenders will be more generous than others so the result is only intended to give you a rough idea. If you would like a more accurate calculation, you can call 01489 555 080 to speak directly to an experienced consultant. Our consultants have been helping contractors to become successful landlords for many years so you can be sure to receive expert advice. 

You may also find our How Much Can You Borrow, Monthly Repayments and Remortgage Calculators useful for other calculations.

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